Quarter Time


First or Final Quarter

With Footy Finals still fresh in our minds, a quarter can be a long time in football and not to be wasted in other aspects of our lives as well. Quarter Time is used to pause, drink some water and catch our breath before heading back in to the game.

From a tax payers perspective, this week marks the end of the FIRST quarter for the Financial Year. A perfect time to reflect on your new financial year plans are bring them back into the game if they have been left on the bench.

For the calendar year, this week marks the beginning of the FINAL quarter. December is just around the corner so give the game all that you’ve got to finish the year kicking your life goals.



The First Quarter, since Tax Time

How is your score at First Quarter Time? Are you doing all the new habits that this blog told you to do here ?

Have you started collecting your receipts in the one spot? This is to ensure you can claim the tax deduction for your next tax return.

Have you reviewed your private health insurance coverage? To ensure that you will receive the correct amount and potentially avoid owing the ATO for receiving more rebate than you were meant to or not having sufficient coverage for the Medicare Levy Surcharge.

Is your budget still on track? Budgets need to be reviewed regularly to keep in balance and make sure any changes in income, expenses or goals are considered.



The Final Quarter, for 2018

A perfect time to reflect on the plans made with bubbles in hand and fireworks overhead on New Years.

Was your performance over the last three quarters in line with what you wanted to achieve this year?

How many goals have you kicked? You may have had to adjust your goals throughout the year due to how the opposition has been playing (often called Murphy’s Law).

Check in on your budget, do you need to modify the 5 features as explained here to finish the year in front of the money game?

Do not be discouraged, anything can happen in the Final Quarter. Come up with a strategy to end the year knowing that you played your best to the end siren – being the NYE countdown.



In a nutshell…

Take some time to catch your breath at Quarter Time to keep you and your team on track, and review your performance.

Grab the white board, or pen and paper, check in on your goals and make this next quarter count!!!




 – Karen Patterson