Up in Smoke – What is this costing you?



Into thin cloudy air

Doing the rounds on social media at the moment are numbers put together by New Zealand’s Northland District Health Board. While noting the well known health effects of Smoking, the main focus is the financial cost of smoking. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers…



Rolling in cash

Obviously, the figures may differ depending on brand, location, and type, but I am sure we can all agree that the numbers shown are a fair representation.

The good smoke…

It seems that my smoker mates that change to ‘Rollies’ to save money, might be on to something. Based on these numbers, the cost to your pocket is about half of ‘Tailor made’.

Cutting down on your habit or delaying lighting one up can save you a pretty penny as well.



Burning a hole in your pocket

The not so good smoke…

To make the numbers easy, let’s go with the nice round number of $150 per week based on 15 a day habit, which is the equivalent of inhaling $7,800 each year!!!

Now this is not the only cost and worth noting that even just cutting the habit by half you can still afford that Aussie classic holiday of a week in Bali.

There are many other costs associated that do need considering and hopefully can give you something else to focus on to kick the butts.



Give it the flick

Here are some of the other direct costs involved:

  • Lighters
  • Filters
  • Papers

But what about the other costs:

  • Life Insurance – premiums are higher for smokers
  • Health Insurance – premiums are higher for smokers



In a nutshell…


As a former smoker, there are two things that I do miss about being a smoker.

The first is the few moments that you get to yourself while you are inhaling car fumes. Ducking outside for a quick one, is a good reason to pause and rest for a few minutes.

The second, is the community feel of being a smoker. One of my smoking mates often comments how at events, she has her best conversations with fellow smokers.

However, I still see the habit as money going up in smoke, blowing your cash into the air, stubbing out other money options.

Any other smoking puns I have missed?





 – Karen Patterson