Micromanagement – Boss vs Leader



The Micro-Manager

We have all been in the situation where there is always the person over your shoulder telling you what you should do, where you went wrong and why you should do what has always been done.

There are many different management styles, but micromanagement is arguably the number one style stated as a leading cause of high staff turnover.

While there are some circumstances that require micromanagement, particularly where someone is new to the job, being able to lead people without hovering over their shoulders can be beneficial for most situations.



Boss vs Leader

Most groups and businesses, flourish where the people involved are given the space to come up with their own methods and provide input to improve on the status quo.

Unfortunately, there will often be the roadblock people that insist on sticking their heels in and not being open to compromise. These micromanagers are not leaders, which can be restraining on the evolution of the group and slow to embrace new opportunities – but are too often quick to claim credit for when the hard work of others pays off.



“Let’s Go!”

This great E.M. Kelly quote sums up Micromanagement quite simply.

Environments where people are allowed to openly convey and discuss ideas are destined to succeed. Where people are amongst those that insist on checking in too often, people feel boxed in and often the group is not able to grow and evolve.


In a nutshell…

Where people in any group are given encouragement to think outside the box and innovate, this opens the double doors of opportunity and growth.

Whether you coach a sporting team, employ 20+ people in your business or have a busload of children under your roof, give them all room to work to their strengths and watch the group as a whole flourish to success.



– Karen Patterson