A Billion Dollar Budget – how would you spend that many zeroes?


Oh, the possibilities

Imagine if your household income was $444,400 each year….could be fun coming up with a budget at that income level.
Now, add another zero or six to that number, $444,400,000,000 – four hundred and forty-four billion, four hundred million dollars. That was the government income for the year 2017-18 according to estimates as released in last years budget.

That is a lot of zeroes!!!

Yes, that is a lot of zeroes. But remember, this almost half a trillion dollars needs to pay for EVERYTHING that this country needs – Education, Health, Defence, Welfare, Public Services, everything!
Next time you are sitting at your computer paying bills or having a barefoot date, just imagine the challenge of ensuring nearly 25 million people have their basic needs met as well as considering the many what ifs. Not as easy as it seems, is it?


How would you spend your billions?

When contemplating the classic ‘what if I won lotto” question, after buying a house, helping family and setting myself up, I had often visioned myself standing on top of a tall building and scattering $10 notes to the wind. Or randomly paying for coffees, lunches or dinners at restaurants. Or selecting a school and paying the school fees of each child. Just to enjoy being in a position to gift money to family and strangers.
There are a few people in this world who have billions of dollars to their name. Although the rich list often changes, Bill and Melinda Gates have been at the top or near the top of the list for more than two decades. After sorting shelter (a reportedly 7 bedroom, 24 bathroom lakeside mansion), transport (a porsche or two) and food (vegemite sandwiches?), what do people with billions do with their money? They give their money away – Bill and Melinda Gates have several foundations, one of which has the aspirational goal of eradicating Malaria from this world.
So really, I am pretty much like Bill Gates…except, without the zeroes.




In a nutshell…

The thought of having billions of dollars at your disposal is a dream of many lotto playing Australians. But with many zeroes comes many responsibilities, just ask Bill Gates. Whether you manage a household of one or 25 million, you must first take care of the basic needs, and then work out how best to pay for fun, philanthropy and the future.
But seriously, do you think Bill Gates has tried a vegemite sandwich?


  • Karen Patterson