Cash in the Couch – Happy Camper Smash


The Happy Campers

Receiving a money box as a gift and having a dream holiday to save up for are the humble beginnings of ‘Happy Camper Smash’, the newest internet sensation*.

Here is Rob and Jan’s story:


The Gold Coin Challenge

KP: How long were you saving for?

RW: We had the money box for a month or so before deciding on how we were going to fill it, probably actively saving for 6 months.

What was the challenge?

We decided to save every gold coin that came our way. This was made very handy with $3 beers at my local, and never breaking the change.

Was the challenge easy to stick with?

Because we had the goal of saving for our holiday and the awesome money box to save them in, keeping all gold coins became easy. If I had enough silver coins, I would have them changed into gold coins to add to the jar.

What were some tips that helped you achieve the goal?

As we were getting closer to filling the jar, we searched through our cars, kitchen drawers and even the couch to find any elusive gold coins that had fallen out of pockets.

We also told people about the gold coin challenge, this was beneficial as we were given a few by friends if we were out for a drink together, to put in our jar.

Did you notice anything during the challenge?

We started finding gold coins in weird places, and purposefully spending our money in the hopes of getting gold coins in change.



In a Nutshell,

Even literally small change can make a big difference to your savings. Having a goal of something that you are saving for and somewhere to keep these savings is essential to your success. Get yourself a fabulous money box or give your savings account a name, the visual aspect and reminders of what you are saving for will help to keep you motivated.


*Disclaimer: sensation may be a little premature, but who doesn’t love a good smashing video.