Cash in the couch – HECS-HELP Benefit



The Benefit Details

The HECS/HELP Benefit is available to graduates of courses completed after 30 June 2009, (2008 for maths/science graduates). A successful application will mean that the compulsory repayment of your HECS/HELP for the applied income year may be reduced.

Australian Higher Education Loans are often ignored because of the low interest applied to them and largely paid out through the Pay As You Go Withholding Tax System, once your income reaches the compulsory repayment threshold.

For the 2017-18 income year, compulsory repayments are required when your income reaches $55,874, with government considering lowering this threshold.

This benefit is only available for the income years of 2015-16 and 2016-17, and applications are closing soon – 30 June 2018 for the 2015-16 income year and 30 June 2019 for the 2016-17 income year.


Application Criteria

To be eligible you must be able to answer YES to all of these questions

  • Have you completed a Maths or Science Graduate (since 30 June 2008), OR completed an education course of study, OR a nursing course of study, (since 30 June 2009) ?
  • Were you a Commonwealth supported student for some or all of the course?
  • For the income years 2015-16 and /or 2016-17, were you employed in a job related to that course?
  • Did you incur a HECS/HELP debt in respect to that course, and still have some to pay in the 2015-16 or 2016-17 income year?
  • Are you required to make a compulsory repayment in the 2015-16 or 2016-17 income year?


Did you answer ‘Yes’ to all of them?

If you did, complete an application today, and your HECS/HELP debt could be reduced by a couple of thousand dollars. Not bad for about 10 minutes work to complete a form, follow the link here, HECS-HELP Benefit Overview to find the application forms and more information.


In a Nutshell,

Any extra dollars knocked off your HECS/HELP debt would be beneficial, and remember, this offer is only available for a limited time…no extra steak knives thrown in, and no benefit available when due dates expire.

If this was your field of study, then for just a few minutes of your time, you could find thousands of dollars that is all yours!