Easter Hunt – turning crumbs into dough


The Great Easter Hunt Challenge

Full disclosure, it’s the first one of its kind so proof of greatness is yet to be determined…

Easter can be an expensive time, spending this year in Australia is tipped at over $875 million dollars…that $875,000,000 is a lot of chocolate. But of course, during a 4-day weekend we are expected to go through some dough and not just in the making of delicious hot cross buns.

The many possibilities include camping, movies or searching for other ways to entertain the little cherubs for the long weekend can be costly.

So here is the challenge…lets find this money somewhere.


Let’s Go Hunting for Crumbs

The challenge is to find ways to offset this costly long weekend, and put the money in your nest egg or as an Easter Treat for a local charity. You will be finding cash-crumbs around your house, while occupying the little chickens for a short time.

Set an hour aside this weekend to search your house for Easter egg crumbs. Anything that you no longer need is going to make money for yourself or be donated to a charity so they can make money out of it.

If you are going the charity route, ask the charity op-shop how much they think they can sell for, so that you can keep score of how much money this long weekend is going to bring in.

If you are going to sell the stuff yourself, do not spend the cash, this cash is going to help you build your nest egg for later in life when every weekend is a long weekend.


Building the Nest Egg

That’s right; we are continuing the Easter puns.

Any money you make yourself from this challenge is not going to stay in your wallet. You will either be helping a charity by way of donation to an op-shop, or you will help your future self by ‘donating’ to your super fund.

This is going to be done in one of two ways: pay directly to your super fund via BPay details (you should have these on file at home), or through your payroll. Discuss with your payroll office at work about making a one-off salary sacrifice to your Superannuation.


Counting your Chickens

At the end of the weekend, count up everything that you have made from the sale of these crumbs or add up the value that you have donated to a charity.

Complete this challenge every long weekend or at least every Easter, and aim to add more in to your nest egg each year.


In a Chocolate Egg-shell,

Use the extra time this weekend to give an Easter treat to your superannuation or to others.

The Chocolate eggs are going to taste so much sweeter because you are getting rid of stuff that you do not use, you are donating to a charity to help others out and you will be helping yourself by adding extra crumbs into your retirement nest egg.




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