Valentine’s Day – the cost of love

A Hallmark Holiday?

With every holiday or day of celebration, there is always the discussion on commercialisation. Hot cross buns being available on New Years Day, Cards for everything from Mother’s Day to Graduation from Kindergarten and the now predominately used term ‘Hallmark Holiday’ all too often cloud over the history or significance of most special days.


History Lesson

The true origins of Valentine’s Day are hard to pin point. History of celebration around this date stem as far back as Ancient Rome with a fertility celebration held annually on February 15. Love notes and Valentines greetings were said to be popular since the middle ages. With the oldest known Valentine still in existence today being a 1415 poem written by Charles Duke of Orleans.


Love by the Numbers

$USD 52,000,000 = the estimated budget for the 2010 film, Valentine’s Day.

$230.00 = 750ml Dom Perignon, not on special this week at Woollies.

$150.00 = cost of Valentines Day dinner for two, Rydges Kalgoorlie.

$129.50 = box of a dozen red roses, Interflora.

$74.66 = 750ml Taittinger Champagne, on special this week at Woollies

$10.00 = 450g box of Cadbury Roses, on special this week at Woollies

In a Nutshell,

Regardless of the history or costs involved, any day that reminds you to pause from this crazy life to focus on the people you love should be celebrated. With all the advertising and various ways of promoting the day, there leaves little room for the classic ‘Oh, sorry hun, I forgot.’

Do something…not because Hallmark and advertisers tell you to, do something because we all too often get caught up in juggling our busy lives that we forget to spoil the people that are important to us.

So if you haven’t done so already, write a note, buy a box of chocolates, pinch some roses from the neighbours garden, race to the shop and cook your Valentine their favourite dish or even just let your Valentine have the remote for a change.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


*Wall Business Services does not endorse the harming of any rose bushes, particularly those of your neighbours.


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