Getting to know your money – Financial Literacy

What type of budget person are you?

Budgeting and Financial Literacy means many things to many people. Some people fear the word budget, and are happy to plod along paying all their bills and spending whatever is leftover. Others have spreadsheets, graphs of the mortgage, projections of savings and other repayments, 5 year plans, and more, (you can probably guess which type I am).


Fear the budget no longer!

There is a free online 4-week course available to everyone. This course, partly contributed by Paul Clitheroe, author of ‘Making Money’ and TV Financial Personality, offers valuable insight into how to make your money work for you. With videos and quizzes that teach you everything you need to know about finance, including how to recognise a scam before you enter into one, and what to do to identify if you have already been scammed. Financial Literacy


Lifestyle Friendly

Having recently completed the course myself, mainly for curiosity sake, I found this to be very manageable with my busy lifestyle. The 4 modules are released weekly, with 10-11 videos, each video finishing with a quiz on a main point discussed. Each module has a main quiz of 10 multiple choice questions. You can study each module weekly as they are released, or you can do a couple at once – whatever works for you.


Money Education

At Wall Business Services, we are firm believers in maintaining education and skills, particularly where money is concerned. We offer Cash flow Coaching, and conduct free introductory group sessions on the cash flow fundamentals.


In a Nutshell….

Getting to know your money and money terms used in the financial world is essential. The majority of Australians have investments, even if only through superannuation. You will literally be a lot better off with the right type of financial education.

Register here to attend our one-hour Seminar, take this brilliant (and free) opportunity to learn more or even just update your current money knowledge.


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