Black Gold – Just like Printing Money…

….For the ink seller

With advancing technology, many transactions are being completed electronically and stored in the cloud. Printing data is still often required, which means inevitably upgrading your printer every couple of years.

One of the most expensive liquids sold

Printer Ink when compared to other items, can be very expensive.

Product $ / L
Diesel Fuel (Kalgoorlie) 1.34
Coca-Cola cans 30 pack 375ml Cans 1.69
Evian Spring Still Water 750ml 3.99
Emu Export 30 pack 375ml Cans 4.36
Flaschengeist Sparkling White Wine with 24 Carat Gold Flakes 40.00
Dom Perignon Vintage Rose Champagne 2004 658.53
Printer Ink, HP 711 1,160.92
Chanel No 5, Eau de Parfum Spray 1,790.00


Loss Leader

Many printers are priced as a Loss Leader – selling a product for at or below cost, with profits made from higher margins on associated costs. Suppliers recover their costs by the ongoing sales of ink, toner and servicing for the life of the printer.

In a Nutshell….

When considering a printer there is no shortage of options to overwhelm you.

Print now, pay later! Lease at a price per colour page! Pay As You Print!

You need to consider more than just the cost of the printer itself. Printer Ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world, and if not incorporated in your considered costs for a printer, may put you in the red.

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