Planners – A home for your to do list


The Why

Working full time while maintaining a house full of kids, with a memory like Dory, I am always looking for handy ways to keep track of my ‘To Do Lists’. After having my sophisticated (back of an envelope) list covered in the writing of my smallest precious little cherub – she is practising her name and sight words – I started looking for a new system.


The How

Through the wonder of Facebook, I discovered a small business based in Queensland with planning systems demonstrated by a working mum. Leanne Baker has introduced me to the life of a planner, including her own LBD Planner, and the power of 15 minutes.


The What

Using a Kmart planner, I have been able to implement her suggestions to better keep track of appointments and other things that need to be done. The 2017 LBD Planner was long sold out before I came across Leanne Baker (the 2018 LBD Planner sold out this year in 26 minutes!!!).

Being a busy person with lots of random facts and plans rolling through my mind, I find it very useful to have a visual of what I have to do, want to do and hope to do.



In a Nutshell…

For all of us, juggling the obligations of our busy lives can sometimes be overwhelming, but there are other ways. This is probably the math geek in me, but I think life goes a lot smoother when we are keeping track of our goals. Daily goals when achieved can make a huge difference to your mood and those around you. Taking time out once a week to plan what I have to do and what I want to achieve has been life changing.


Start today… list 1, 2 or 3 things* that you want to achieve in the next week. Allocate 15 minutes each day towards the first goal until it’s done.

*Don’t aim too high, this isn’t the place for a goal like ‘Renovate the kitchen’, this is more for the things that need to be done regularly, like, wash the car, organise the Tupperware cupboard, fold the giant pile of washing (almost obsolete for my house thanks to Leanne).



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