Book of the Month: ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and It’s All Small Stuff’ – Dr. Richard Carlson

The Idea

In this busy life where we are in constant contact with work and the rest of the world via technology, the ‘Small Stuff’ can be very consuming. Everyday we find ourselves bombarded with various information. From what is the latest super food, to the seemingly ever-present threat of the red button being pressed by North Korea.


The Details

The author identifies strategies to keep the little things from taking over your life. As he states in his introduction, “your life won’t be perfect, but you will learn to accept what life has to offer with far less resistance”.


The Conclusion

We all need to work on not sweating the small stuff. No matter how you describe this way of thinking (my household says, ‘pick your battles’), there is something to gain for everyone with this book. It’s a fairly light read with short chapters and under 250 pages.

First chapter is available with a free download here

In a Nutshell,

As with AFL Full forwards, life will always give opportunities for lining up to kick a goal. What can define us is how we deal with the outcome of that kick.

Sometimes we may kick to the left and send it through the smaller posts or totally over the face of the goals and out of bounds.

But, the great players are able to overcome these doubts by taking a moment to breathe calmly, pull up their socks and kick straight through the tall posts.*

Have a read and maybe change your perspective to not sweat the small stuff.


* The author references ball throwing, the majority of our office are AFL fans.

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