12 Weeks to Christmas – Make a Plan

That’s right, there is only 12 weeks until Christmas!

Time to start planning for what you are going to be doing for Christmas and how you are going to fund those plans. Don’t forget to discuss with your employer or employees about any Christmas Leave that needs to be taken.


12 Weeks to go – 2nd October

Make a plan – consider what you would like to do, and how much this will cost. Consider who you have to buy presents for and set an amount for each.

Open up an online account (limited access to keep those savings from being spent).

Divide your budget by 12 and transfer that amount every week into your new account.


10 Weeks to go – 16th October

Check how your savings are going. If you do not have two weeks worth in the bank, you need to review your spending elsewhere to meet your weekly goal, or you need to adjust your Christmas plans.


8 Weeks to go – 30th October

The sales and Christmas promotions will be starting about now. Review the list of presents you need to buy and purchase or layby these presents now.

Layby’s can be helpful for storing the presents (especially useful for keeping away from sneaky children), be mindful of extra fees involved including cancellation fees if you find a cheaper price or change your mind.


6 Weeks to go – 13th November

Check your list, check it twice!!!

You should have 6 weeks worth of Christmas Planned Savings in the bank now, less any taken out to pay for planned presents bought with sales.

If not, then review your plans again, and review your spending to have the Christmas that you want.


4 Weeks to go – 27th November

Have you made a Christmas Menu?

Prepare a menu and make a list of what you will need. Each week add a couple of items to your grocery shopping and start a Christmas Stash for your menu.


2 Weeks to go – 11th December

Check your list, check it twice… again!

The Christmas savings should be just about on target, and you should have a small stash of food for the Christmas Day Menu.

Check where you are at with meeting your plans and what you need to do to make for a smooth two weeks to Christmas Day.


Christmas can be a stressful or enjoyable time, make plans and start the preparation early to ensure you aren’t one of those crazy people up late Christmas Eve running around shops to find passionfruit to put on the Pavlova.


And….don’t forget to have a generous stash of various sized batteries for new toys for the big and little kids.



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